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Prabhu Deva granted divorce, will he marry Nayanthara?

Written By: Anshu on July 27, 2011 No Comment

Choreographer, actor, and director Prabhu Deva and his wife Latha (or, Ramlath) have been granted a divorce by Chennai Prime Court. The couple got married in 1995 and they also had three kids. The eldest kid died in 2008 after suffering from cancer. They had been living separately for the past two years.


It was reported that Prabhu got involved with a southern actress Nayantara, and that was the reason told to be behind the divorce.

Lata had previously filed a petition in the family court seeking for restoration of conjugal rights against Prabhu. She had a say that Prabhu was neglecting his family and did not provide even the minimum financial assistance to family members.

As per the divorce agreement, Prabhu has to  pay Rs. 10 lakhs to her as permanent alimony each year.  He has also transferred his property  to her name. His other property goes in the names of his children. The kids are under Latha’s custody these days. Prabhu Deva has agreed to bear the costs of their education and marriage.

After this lengthy legal battle Prabhu Deva is now free to get married to Nayanthara. But, the question remain, will he?

In the following video Nayantara dances with Prabhu Deva in a stage show at Karunanidhi Function. This dance later became a topic of controversy.

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